yzma, put your hands up!

In to HP, BBC Sherlock, Game of Thrones, Teen Wolf and Avengers right now.

oh man, i so want a kane/toews time travellers wife au. can you imagine toews going back in time and convincing mini!kane to play hockey right when he’s about to give up, because everyone’s telling him he won’t make it? he’s too small.

whereas present johnny who hasn’t developed this time travelling habit yet is actively pissed at kanes may antics. in fact at his life choices in general. and he doesn’t even know that patricks been in love with him all these years, and that he misses his johnny, the one that used to help him. instead there is this johnny who is constantly annoyed with him and most of all probably doesn’t love patrick. and lo there is angst.
and a whole lot of time travelling.

man i want to write this now. curse you hockey fandom.

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